1. As a member of CHEW, I feel that I can make a difference in the community where I live and do business. The women of CHEW represent the diversity that Capitol Hill offers. To be able to act as representatives for each other and our community is huge!
    Rachel Ravitch, Rachel Ravitch Design 
  2. For me, CHEW has meant an opportunity to enhance my knowledge about the community in which I have operated a business for the last eleven years. I feel directly connected to what happens on Capitol Hill and deeply invested in all of the businesses who make this neighborhood what it is. I feel like my opinion as a business owner has more strength as a part of a whole. I love CHEW!
    Laura Culberg, The Sweatbox Yoga.
  3. Opening a business of my own was one of the most exciting AND overwhelming things I have ever done. Running it day to day is a whole other challenge. To be welcomed so enthusiastically to the neighborhood, and then to have the company, support and encouragement of so many incredible, creative and successful women is nothing short of a dream come true. I would be lost without CHEW. Words can actually not describe the gratitude I feel towards every member of this group.
    Karyn Schwartz, Sugarpill